Sting Makes Appeal for Kian Tajbakhsh and Iranian Detainees

By , August 6, 2009 10:47 pm

CloseUpSmall.jpg“The false imprisonment of Iranian/American scholar Kian Tajbakhsh and 100 other activists involved in the ongoing democracy movement in Iran deserves our immediate attention.

I urge those of us living in a democratic society to speak out against the current Iranian regime’s system of political repression and human rights violations threatening to silence these activists and journalists.

Without freedom of speech and the right of dissent, there can be no viable democracy.” stingsignaturesmall.jpg

82 Responses to “Sting Makes Appeal for Kian Tajbakhsh and Iranian Detainees”

  1. Elizabeth Palmer says:

    Solidarity for the human rights of all those who are oppressed! Thank you to Sting for your words and commitment. Anyone can join the United4Iran movement, see their website and Face Book for local groups. Get informed and join the growing protest for freedom of speech, and upholding the Declaration of Human Rights.

  2. Peyman says:

    Long live democracy,
    Thank you Sting.

  3. Harry says:

    Thanks for supporting people of Iran-
    Pages of Iranian history will document who stood by them–

  4. mitra says:

    thanks alot for the support…

  5. vida says:

    thank you for your care to iranian problems. you give us energy and encourage us. thanks all

  6. vida says:

    the most things we need is support from people like you. in this way we feel we belong to the world and we are not blind.

  7. neda says:

    many thanks for your concern about iranian people

  8. ENRICO says:


  9. Ana says:

    Im so pleased . its really nice to have friends in abroad that they can feel our feelness . Thanks a lot Sir Sting .

  10. katie says:

    thanks for your support

  11. Farideh says:

    Thanks a lot for caring Sting!
    Even though Kian or the others themselves can see this, the thought itself is very valuable!

  12. Shams Irani says:

    Thanks so much Sting for your support of our people.

  13. Babak Sorkh says:

    Thanks a lot man ; we’ll always remember your precious support

  14. parisa says:

    you have always been my absolute favorate artist, god bless you for your support of my people back home in iran

  15. Shoala says:

    Thanks,it’s good to know that more people care,,

  16. Amir S. says:

    We appreciate your support against this brutal and un-democratic anarchic government. Long live freedom. We’ll prosecute everyone of them when our time comes.

  17. Mojgan, says:

    I always had respect for you as an amazing artist. I have a deeper respect for you as a fellow human being who shares the pain and suffering of others and actually does something about it. Love you even more Sting.

  18. Mike says:

    Thanks Sting for your support. Please do not give up on us. I know in my heart that you and I will see free Iran soon.

  19. Ray says:

    Sting, I admire your wisdom, knowledge and courage. You are one of the few who always care about freedom. I wish other celebrities would step forward like you did for Iranians. We will always remember our friends.

  20. Dariush from Paris (FR) says:

    Unfortunatly I know that it will not change something, but at list it gives hope & the assurance to my compatriots that they aare not alone!!!Neda & all the others who died (were killed), are now seating beside GOD,specially Neda who became an angel,
    but anyway if you read this msg Mr Sting, I know that I can talk in name of all my compatriots, you have our very hight respect & best regards.

  21. Amin says:

    I love you Sting. Thanks for your support.

  22. zari says:

    Thank you for standing by the people of Iran. At a time that repression has reached its hight in Iran, support from people such as yourself is a great encouragement for sustaining our struggle. With much respect.

  23. Afsy says:

    Thanks for your support,We need more people like you,Viva freedom,We love you.

  24. elham says:

    Thank you.Influence of people like you can make a difference.

    Long live all the freedom fighters where ever they are.

  25. Mina says:

    Thank you Sir Sting!

    We relay appreciated your support.

    Best regards from, Stockholm

  26. George says:

    Thank you for raising the consciousness of the world. Iran will come out of this spell if awareness is raised.

  27. Hamed Khatibi says:

    I really appreciate Sir . Sting above your kindly suppost

  28. Arash Aryan says:

    Thank you Sting! I hope more artists and popular faces will follow your example! After all, art is all about freedom, about love and about humanity

  29. Manijeh says:

    Thank you Sting for your amazing support. It means a lot to us coming from such a great artist.

  30. Manijeh says:

    Thank you Sting for your amazing support. It means so much to us coming from such a great artist.

  31. Mykola Mazuruk says:

    Thank you man!!!! Once more you prove you are a good man.Exept a good music you also reburried a man from the field(I think it was you land cant realy remember)not many people knows about it I think they should.I know a lot about Irainians,friend of mine is from there.Once again Thank’s.

  32. kiya says:

    we really appreciate to have someone like you in the world that support us ! we always liked you and now even more and more…

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