Nowruz Greetings

By , March 15, 2010 7:18 pm

Please feel free to send your Nowruz (Persian New Year) wishes to Kian and family here!




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Juliet Ucelli,
Kian, my love to you and Bahar and Hasti and I'm so happy that you have this time together. My sisters send greetings.

Neil Brenner,
Dear Kian,

I think of you every day and hope for your swift release and return to your family, your work and your everyday life. I send you my warmest greetings for Nowruz and wishing you continued strength, courage and good health in all that you do.

Your friend and comrade,
Neil Brenner

Jai Gupta,
I've been praying for some time that you would be released. I still believe you will be, and am trying to do what I can to help. God Bless You!

Nancy Sedmak-Weiss,
Enjoy a very precious New Year at home with your family. We think of you often, and pray you are well.

Betsy & Bob,
You and your family have been in our thoughts and prayers these past 8 months. You have also been on the Prayer List at our church - St. James' Episcopal Church. We look forward to seeing you again someday.


سالی مملو از صفا و صمیمیت برای خودت و فامیل از خداوند خواستارم

شمشاد باشی عزیز


Istvan Rev,
Dear Kian,
Let me send you my warmest regards, hoping that your freedom will last longer than one can even hope for.

Erika Dailey,
Dear Kian,

No words could express our happiness at knowing you are with your loved ones at this time of celebration. Know that we are thinking of you, Bahar, Hasti and your extended family and wishing you all a very happy Nowruz!

Warmest wishes for your health and happiness,


کيان و فريده خانم عيدتون مبارک. اميوارم که در کنار هم سالم و آزاد و شاد باشين . نيلوفر

Arthur Wiggers,
Dear Kian,
We've been thinking of you a lot, and are so happy to know that you are with your family now. I wish you strength, good health and happiness together. All the best for the new year!

Rolf Swart,
Dear Kian, I can't tell you how happy I was when I learned about your (temporarily) release. It's how the English say: My heart jumped from joy. Enjoy Nowruz with your family and be assured that I and my colleagues at VNG are permanently thinking of you. All the best -

Alex Schwartz,
Hi Kian

I'm so very happy and relieved that you are home at last! My love to you and Bahar and Hasti!

Hope to see you very soon.


Colleen McGuire,
Hi Kian and Bahar and little Hasti --- I wish you two best wishes for the Persian New Year. We are all so concerned about your situation and your health. Stay strong my friend. Best regards, Colleen

Fariborz Gerami,

Anahita & Matt Stokes,
Dear Bahar, Kian, & Hasti,

We would like to wish you and your family a Happy Norooz from Canada! We hope you have a wonderful holiday together! We hope to see you one day, we miss you, and you are always in our thoughts 😉

Lots of Love,
Anahita & Matt

Darius Gueramy,
Dear Cousin,

You have been deeply missed and you have been in my thoughts every day. I am so very glad that you are with Bahar and Hasti again. I hope that this Nowruz is truly a special one. You are loved and cared about so very, very much.

Hi Kian, I am happy to hear that you are now with ur family for Noroz; and hope that things will get even better in coming days. You have my best wishes, like so many others around the world.

Cathleen McGuire,
Dear Kian -- I had been saying prayers for you almost every day. I am glad you are out, but it is very disappointing to read on your web site that it is just for 15 days. So many people around the world are rooting for you to be completely free. Stay strong. Cathleen

Dear Kian--Thinking of and your family. I look forward to when we can meet again

Terry McBride,
This is such heartening news Kian. I add my New Year wishes to so many around the globe who hope this moment of release is a sign that your terrible ordeal will be consigned to history and you will soon be reunited with your family and friends for life.

Anna Vaziri,
Dear cousin Kian we are so happy that you are able to spend this time with your family. We pray for your release and look forward to the day we will be able to see you in person. Happy Nowruz! Love from Jahanshah and Anna.

Theresa Horvath,
I add my greetings and love and hope that your return home is permanent. We in New York eagerly await the chance to see you in this new year.

Rebecca Minnich,
Congratulations, Kian. It is a small step towards freedom. We will keep demanding your permanent release.

Nima, Kristi & Ben Gerami,
Sale now mobarak Kian! We miss you and are happy you're home.

Much love,

Nima, Kristi and Ben

Mary A Herdman,
Dear Kian and Bahar, My family and I wish you and Hasti a very Happy Persian New Year. With loving best wishes, Mary

Stefano and Mariagrazia,
We are very happy you could pass some time with your family. We hope you'll have a new chance of a travel to Tuscany in the next future. Your friends Mariagrazia and Stefano.

Chris Herdman,
Dear Kian,
Our family has been thinking of you during your imprisonment and wish you all the best for a new year. Best wishes to Bahar and Hasti as well.
Chris Herdman

Dear Kian,
Karen and I were very happy to learn that you can spend Nowruz with your family. We wish you all a wonderful holiday and good health. We think often of you and hope your release will soon become permanent. Andy Sisson

Simon Parker,
Dear Kian

All our thoughts and solidarity are with you and your family during this precious time of reunion at Nowruz. You are constantly in our thoughts and we continue to petition for your unconditional release so that you will be permanently re-united with your loved ones.

Your friend and colleague

Simon Parker

Angela Trowell,
I so hope all this injustice will now come to an end. Stay strong.

Anne-Lies Risseeuw,
Dear Kian, You must be enjoying these days at home. We all hope for the best.
Anne-Lies Risseeuw

sue simon,
Dear Kian,

I have thought of you many times these past months and celebrate that you are home with Bahar and Hasti. I hope and pray your family will remain together in peace. I know your spirit is strong and that you continue to make the world a better place. You have been missed by all of us who hold you dear. Be well and happy Nowruz!! Best, Sue

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Ethna Mathews,
Dear Kian,I met with Marjan in L.A almost accidentaly and she told me of your plight. I was dismayed and saddened to hear of such suffering of you and your family.I have continued my art work and now manage a theatre in Hampshire Uk.I have two wonderful children and a good husband.I have never got into facebook etc but hope this message of love and support gets to you.Times are still so difficult and more so now in Iran.My kindest to you.Ethna,Slade UCL 1985.

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  • arien mack

    Dear, Dear Kian,
    I am so glad you are home with your family and of course hope with all my hoping powers that your new year will be infinitely happier.

  • Robert Ebel


    This is the very best of news for the New Year, and, with hope that your release is permanent (as I trust it will be). To note– in case you missed it -your essay on Local Government has just been published in the new Encyclopedia of Urban Studies. It’s just first rate (I have been using your earlier drafts in my class).


  • Anahit & Matt

    Dear Kian, Bahar, & Hasti,

    Happy Nouroz to you and your family and we really wish you a wonderful time
    together during the holidays! We love you alot and you are in our
    thoughts always!

    Have a very happy new year!

    Lots of love from your family.

    Anahita & Matt

  • Colleen McGuire

    Kian, I am so happy you are with your mom and wife and baby and other family. two weeks is painfully short. We are all grateful you are of sound mind and healthy. Fondly from Greece, Colleen

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