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By , July 12, 2009 8:10 pm

Please take a moment to sign the petition calling for Kian’s release.

We the undersigned call for the immediate release of Dr. Kian Tajbakhsh, who is being detained in Iran.

Dr. Tajbakhsh is an internationally-respected scholar, and has used his expertise in the areas of local government reform, urban planning and social policy in service of the Iranian people.

His work has sought to foster cultural and academic exchange between the people of Iran and the international community. His detention is a mistake.

We urgently ask the Iranian government to release Dr. Tajbakhsh and ensure his safe return to his family.


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Sarah Lindenfeld, , USA

xxxxxxxx, student, canada

arien mack, New School for Social research, USA

Yaser Kerachian, , Canada

Lida Nosrati, , Canada

Binesh Hassanpour, University of Oxford, Canada

amie neff, , Canada

Chandana Mathur, National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Ireland

Dermot Dix, Headfort School, Ireland

Cara Schlesinger, Social Research: An International Quarterly, USA

Robert Ebel, , United States

xxxxxxxx, ,

Radha Kumar, Mandela Centre for Peace, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, India

xxxxxxxx, Teacher, Canada

Nuket Kardam, Monterey Institute of International Studies, USA

xxxxxxxx, Syracuse University, USA
I write in support of my friends and their families in Iran - no one should stand for injustices like this.

Andrea Csanadi, Senior Program Manager, Hungary

Jennifer Coolidge, University of Oxford, UK

xxxxxxxx, , U.S.

Mohammad Ali, Researcher, Pakistan

Richard Falk, professor, USA

Marlies de Jong, Talent for Governance, The Netherlands

Suzanne Jansen, The Hague Academy for Local Governance, The Netherlands

Linda Verhoeven, VNG International, the Netherlands

Emmely Benschop, The Hague Academy for Local Governance, The Netherlands

Anita Hoogerdijk, VNG International, The Netherlands

Kelvin A. Goelmohamed, Collegue (VNG International), The Netherlands

Cindy Carney, , Turkey

Anne-Lies Risseeuw, VNG International, the Nettherlands

Leslie Pal, Professor, Canada

Arne Musch, VNG International, Netherlands
This is a shameful tragedy. The world is watching in sadness.

xxxxxxxx, ,

Samuel Feldman, Student, USA

Neir Eshel, Harvard University, USA

Acer Nethercott, Consultant, United Kingdom

Dr Louise Isham, clinical psychologist, England

Darius Gueramy, Producer, USA

Matt Stone, Oxford University, UK

Juliet Ucelli, public school social worker, USA

Dan Cohen,, USA

Eric Odell, , USA
Please release Dr. Tajbakhsh! He is not a threat to anybody.

Merle Ratner, Activist, U.S.

ariadne plaitakis, , france

Catherine Yusupov, , Malaysia

Borislav Penchev, , Bulgaria

Danail Georgiev, , Bulgaria

John Roberts, Writer, United Kingdom

Vanessa Ong Shu Yu, SMACC- St Mary\\'s Anglican Cathedral Contemporary, Malaysia

Elisabeth Neyens, , United Kingdom

Eoin Young, , Ireland

Lyuben Belov, , bulgaria

michael Emerson, CEPS, Belgium

Judy Steury, concerned citizen, Washington, DC

xxxxxxxx, , bulgaria

Hallie Friedman, USA, United States

Merrill Oates, IT Consultant, USA
Kian's work as a scholar and teacher has brought respect and recognition to Iran and its people. His government should recognize that he is an asset not a danger to his country.

Jan van Belzen, Townhall Barendrecht, The Netherlands

xxxxxxxx, , England UK

Susan Doherty, , England

xxxxxxxx, , USA

Jim Bleikamp, , United States
Dr. Tajbakhsh is a man of peace. He should not be held.

Helen Coolidge, , USA

Garret Virchick, Boston Teachers Union, USA

Elly Leary, , USA

xxxxxxxx, physician, USA

Alex Schwartz, The New School, US

James Nixey, Chatham House - The Royal Institute of International Affairs, UK

Meizhu Lui, Insight Center for Community Economic Development, United States

Theresa Horvath, Educator, USA

xxxxxxxx, , UK

August Miller, Waterwise Educational Foundation, USA

Kristie Evenson, Researcher, Croatia

xxxxxxxx, , USA

azin valy, , us

ely valipay, friend, USA

behzad yaghmaian, professor of political economy, Ramapo College of NJ, USA

Libora Oates-Indruchova, Ass. Professor, Charles University, Czech Republic

xxxxxxxx, , United Kingdom

Lisa Gilroy, Friend, USA

marc dale, civilian, USA

Dusan, n/a, USA

Poonam Khanna, friend of family, USA

judith, , usa

Sandro Manzo, art gallerist, New York-Rome

william leggins, friend of a friend, USA

Ali C. Hocek, none, USA

William Rockwell, Friend of friend, USA

Ahmad Idrees Rahmani, Doctora Fellow, Afghanistan
Iran is expected to prove its respect towards basics of human rights and dignity of its own people.

teresa guerra, , Italy

glenn, director 99tigers, USA

Theodore Petroulas, , US

fiamma arditi, daily paper la stampa, USA

Jonathan Field, supporter, United States

Brian Weatherford, Policy Analyst, USA

LD, friends of good policy making, US

xxxxxxxx, , USA

Georgia B. Barnhill, scholar, USA

Benjamin Hulley, University of California, School of Medicine, United States

Leandro, , VENEZUELA
Please let people oppose your ideas, no need to destroy lives just bcs they do not agree with your policies...

Logan Wallace, N/A, France

Joan Mueller, concerned citizen, USA
Please release Dr. Tajbakhsh. He is a respected scholar serving the interests of the Iranian people and should not be detained.

Jan West-Hansen, , Denmark

tara nicole weyr, , USA

davoud gharagozlou, , iran

Horacio F. Lazo, friend, USA
please release him. He is innocent

xxxxxxxx, ,

Carlos Galvez, , Germany

yi li, friend, US

xxxxxxxx, , Germany

Ria Wiid, friend, Ireland

Ann Capotosto, supporter, USA

Andy Hackbarth, , USA

Lisa Gustafson, Housewife, United States

Smoot Carter, Yale University, USA

Craig Peer, , United States

Rohit Kilpadi, , India

Mikael Levin, Artist, USA / France

Lisa Miller, , USA

Charles Martin, , tAHITI French polynesia

Crispin Etherington, , USA

xxxxxxxx, friend, USA

xxxxxxxx, , USA

xxxxxxxx, None, USA

Bijon Ronaghy, , USA

Susan Graham, , USA

Sina Bastami, Student, USA
Release Kian NOW...

amel boubekeur, ehess, france

Elizabeth L-A, , US

Dr Simon Pirani, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, UK

Judith Solomon, Writer, USA
It's so sad that he's separated from his small daughter. And all for a show trial.

azar, , austria
vive la liberté, égalité et fraternité

George Tarkhan-Mouravi, Institute for Policy Studies, Tbilisi, Georgia

xxxxxxxx, Registered Nurse, USA

Walter L Bennett, republican, usa

susan sperling, none, usa
I have known Kian since he was a teenager, and a finer young man does not exist.

xxxxxxxx, friend, USA

Sara, cousin, UAE
There always should be a sin or at least a reason to arrest a person.
Nobody has the human right in IRAN.
Kian is a mature high educated and pure innocent person.

Shame on the Iran law.

Brian Sahd, Hunter College, USA

Nathan Klemm, , USA

xxxxxxxx, Amnesty International Member, United States of America

Thomas Walker, Communications Workers of America, United States

Derrick Smiley, Friend of Family, USA

A. S., , NZ

xxxxxxxx, Television Editor, USA

xxxxxxxx, , USA

Famke Kweekel, VNG International, The Netherlands

Tara Reddi, , USA

Benedetta Origo, , Italia

Andrea Morton, , USA

xxxxxxxx, ,

pourem, , Germany

Ibrahim AlMarashi, IE University, Spain

Melinda Shriver, , USA

Jamala Rogers, , USA

Nasim A., , UAE
Free kian

kami, , dubai

xxxxxxxx, , Switzerland

Claudio, , Schweiz

xxxxxxxx, , Switzerland

Efe Kerem Sozeri, Bogazici University, TURKEY
I believe The Iranian authorities will soon understand that Dr. Kian Tajbakhsh is a great value rather than a threat to his country.

Leslie Kramer, , USA

xxxxxxxx, , United States

Schumacher, Gesinnungsfreund, Switzerland
Wie kann man religionsbezogen so brutal handeln. Jeder Mensch soll als Mensch behandelt werden. Alles andere hat kein Platz. Toi. Toi.

Ziegler Luzia, , Schweiz

xxxxxxxx, , Italy

Charmaine Rosa, none, U.S.A.
Can't we all just get along???????????????

Haleh atabeigi, , USA

Mukhtar Ahmad Ali, Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives (CPDI), Pakistan
Detention of Kian is unfortunate and highly condemnable. He must be released immediately.

mahmoud, non, UAE

John Allocca, , USA

Elizabeth Angell, Columbia University, USA

Laura McDiarmid, , France

Darius Rejaie, Nephew, UK

Sara Rejaie, Niece, UK

cassie oldfield, , england

Frey Walter, , Switzerland

Richard Crowther, , United Kingdom

xxxxxxxx, , United Kingdom

Sean O\'Keefe, , UK

Misty Turner, , USA

Betsy Birchenough, , United States

sue simon, friend/colleague, usa
Kian is a man of peace. He has dedicated his life to helping others. Please release him.

xxxxxxxx, , USA

Tiana Lightfoot, Student at SMU, U.S.A.
Kian, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Nicole Forsythe, , Jamaica

Bayar, Sanjog, France

Mukhtar Ahmad Ali, Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives (CPDI), Pakistan

Gesa Kohlenbach, student, Germany

Gillian, , United Kingdom

David John Turley, None, England

xxxxxxxx, archaeologist, United Kingdom

Bina Sarkar Ellias, Friend/Editor, Gallerie Magazine, India
Kian must be freed immediately. His detention is totally illegal and uncalled for. As a social scientist of repute, Iran needs him for progress and development of his nation, the very reasons he returned to the country he loves.

Rumjhum Biswas, , India

Nishith Mehta, , India

Visha Mehta, , India

Peter Knip, VNG International , The Netherlands

Jaap Breugem, VNG International , The Netherlands
My thoughts are with you and your family, Kian!

Abhijit Gupta, Khoj Kolkata, India

xxxxxxxx, none, USA

Mekhala Krishnamurthy, , India

kalpana Sharma, journalist, India

Karl xxxxxx, , USA

Shuddhabrata Sengupta, Artist and Writer, India

xxxxxxxx, , USA

Ayesha Taleyarkhan, , India

Pramada Menon, , India

Pamela Lane, Writer, United States
The world is watching

Burton Blume, None, Korea

morali, Bina Sarkar, France
Some people can esimate the level of the democratie by th number of bookstores i a country. let the weak peoples be afraid by books and knowledg and freedom for KIAN

Kim Morrissey, poet, England
Please free Kian Tajbakhsh; the world is watching.

Jeff Kingsley, Citizen, USA

Nandita Das, , India
Don't silence the voices, they will get only louder.

xxxxxxxx, friend of mine, USA

Gayatri Chatterjee, , India

Doug Monica, , USA

Steven Sugarman, , USA

Asad Hussain, Film maker, India

Jerry Kann, , USA
If Dr. Tajbakhsh has been detained simply for protesting the Iranian government's dubious handling of the recent presidential election, then he and all other such peaceful protestors must be freed immediately. Democracy and liberty in Iran and throughout the world depend on it.

xxxxxxxx, , USA

xxxxxxxx, , USA

Monica Narula, , India

xxxxxxxx, Friend of a friend, United States of America
As a member of Amnesty International I don't believe anyone should be detained without a fair trial.

xxxxxxxx, , United States

Laure Dillon, International Humanities Center, United States of America
Please release immediately this respected scholar who should not have been arrested in the first place.

Anita Cherian, University of Delhi, India

Salima Hashmi, Human Rights Commssion of Pakistan, Pakistan
We stand in solidarity with Dr Kian Tajbuksh and his friends and family.

Shabnam, American University, USA

xxxxxxxx, , India

Hoda Salek, , USA

Sunandan Roy Chowdhury, Sampark Journal of Global Understanding, India
By ensuring the freedom of Kian Tajbaksh, the Iranian government should prove that it stands for justice for the Iranian people.

Suahsini, , India

Laura Nelson, , USA

xxxxxxxx, Tehran Bureau , Iran

Sander maathuis, VNG International, Netherlands

marius coetzee, , South Africa

Dr Anita Patil-Deshmukh, Partners for Urban Knowledge, Action and Research, India.

Ian Sherwood, pastoral worker, Turkey

Azar Mahloujian, writer, Sweden

Madan Rao, Raman Research Institute, India

Laura Cutler, , Bermuda

T Jayashree, independent film maker, India

inder salim, , india

Ana herzog, , CH

Robert Beauregard, Columbia University, USA

Ulrike Schmidt, amnesty international, united Kingdom

penny desai, , India

Rajni Bakshi, Citizens for Peace, India

xxxxxxxx, , UK / India

Jitish Kallat, Artist , INDIA

Daniel J. Cline, Attorney, Cline Close Dyer PLC, USA

xxxxxxxx, , Switzterland

studer barbara, , schweiz

Schmid Matthias, , Schweiz

Rhea Chaterji, Student, India

Katherine Williams, New York Institute of Technology, USA

Dr. Manoucher Gueramy, , United States

Manoucher Gueramy, , United States

Pamela Kilpadi, friend, India/Hungary/US
...through life’s dishevelled strands was my meaning found...

Ildze Slanke, , Latvia

maria holmes, , england

xxxxxxxx, Freelance, India
Please Free Kian

Tammy Pye, , England

Andrea Meade, Journalist, Switzerland

Ferhan Mazher, Human Rights Activist, Pakistan
I request Iranian Government to have mercy on Dr Tajbakhsh.

xxxxxxxx, friend, Switzerland

Sara Koushesh, , USA
I know kian since he was 15, he so great human I am proud to knoe him

xxxxxxxx, , U.K.
It ia sad that a respected scholar should be ill-treated in country of such ancient culture and honour, as Iran. I enjoin the people in charge in the government, to release Dr tajbaksh, and not bring further disrepute on their nation.

Carl Matthies, Student, United States
Do the right thing, Iran. The world is watching.

Amy Ervin, None, USA

Ranbir Kaleka, , India

Bernadette Murray-Fertel, family friend, USA
Show the world Iran can do the right thing and release Dr. Tajbakhsh!

xxxxxxxx, University of Maryland, U.S.A

Charles E. Butterworth, Emeritus Professor, University of Maryland, USA

Alasdair Walker, ,

Oliver Davidson, , UK

Peter Easton, Florida State University, USA

xxxxxxxx, Solidarity for Iran! , USA

xxxxxxxx, , USA

Eveline Wittmann, , Germany

Jill Hamberg, Empire State College / SUNY, United States

Dieter Christensen, Columbia University, USA

Nader Entessar, Professor, University of South Alabama, USA

Farhad khosrokhavar, university professor, Paris, France

Maria Baghramian, School of Philosophy. University College Dublin, Ireland

Niloofar Mina, , USA

Dr. Manfred Weltecke, Translator/lecturer, Ireland

Mohammad Anousheh, , USA
Free all Political Prisoners in Iran

Francis Ireland, , UK

xxxxxxxx, , USA

Debra Jenks, none, USA

Lois Weiner, New Jersey City University, USA

Dearbhla Kelly, humanist, Ireland

Ania Lile, , France

Isabel Soffer, World Music Institute, USA

Mina Zand Siegel, blogger-writer, USA

Frank, , CH

Lois Wilcken, La Troupe Makandal, United States

Dagmar Verbeek, VNG International, Netherlands

Hamid Dabashi, Columbia University, USA
Free Kian Tajbakhsh and all other political prisoners--

Sara Rakita, , USA

Karen Ingenthron, writer, USA
Please free Kian immediately.

Philip Gerson, Writers\\' Guild of America, USA

Malinda Twaalfhoven, VNG International, The Netherlands

xxxxxxxx, trinity college, ireland

Tony Papa, friend of a friend, USA
This sounds like the worst type of censorship available. Free Dr. Tajbakhsh now!

Andrea Berrini, writer, Italy

Amy Heinrich, independent scholar, USA

EHSAN VALIPAY, close friend, USA

xxxxxxxx, Professor, USA

xxxxxxxx, , france

Ashis Nandy, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Ubdua

Naman Ahuja, SAA, JNU, India

Aunohita Mojumdar, Journalist, India

Rafeeq Ellias, film maker, India

Manisha Gera Baswani, Contemporary Artist, India

Tunde Jakabos, , Hungary

Ann Evans, , USA

Stela Koleva, , Czech Republic

Nazlin Abdul Shukor, , Malaysia

Tamara, , Hungary

frederic descamps, , France

Kerstin Sekimoto, , Japan

ayesha sayani, , india

Shireen Pasha, Filmmaker, USA

xxxxxxxx, , Usa

xxxxxxxx, , Hungary

Olari Leosk, , Hungary

Lisa Quinn, , Ireland

Stuart McAlister, relocation professional, Hungary

Tori Egherman, , USA

GJ Karreman, Geestelijk raadsman, Castricum/Amsterdam Netherlands
Mr Khamenei,Don't be afraid of critisisme, you will learn from it!

Alison Sky, , United States

xxxxxxxx, ,

Parva, educator, USA
Free Kian and all political prisoners in Iran!

Laurent Ruseckas, , UK

Sam Veed, , USA
Za naszą i waszą wolność

Karina Devries, , USA

xxxxxxxx, , USA

Marie, , Hungary

David Tarkhan-Mouravi, , Georgia

Deryck O\'Connell, Bristol University, Hungary

Rana Dasupta, Writer, India

xxxxxxxx, , USA

vinod shetty, Human Rights Lawyer, India
Unite to fight for democratic rights!!

Stephan Baer, , Switzerland

Dave Mullins, , US

Chiru Chakravarty, , INDIA

Geeta Dharmarajan, Katha, India
I add my plea to those of the many before me: I request the Iranian government to please release Dr. Tajbakhsh.

S. Rupani, , USA

Nandini Sundar, Delhi University, India

Jahanshah Vaziri, Cousin, UK
Please free my Cousin, he hasn't done anything.

Marike Noordhoek, VNG International, The Netherlands

Astri Wright, University of Victoria, Canada

xxxxxxxx, ;o, united kingdom

Dipankar Ghosh, , U.K.

Devissaro, , India

Danial Noorani, , USA

Marco Curatolo, journalist, Italy

Yuki Ellias, Actor, India

arpita das, yoda press, India

izhar Patkin, academic, United States
Release Dr. Tajbakhsh immediately !!

alessandra, , Italy

Hoori Noorani, , Pakistan

Gordon Knox, Stanford Humaniteis Lab, USA
Allow the voice of Iran to speak!

Andrew Roberts, , U.K.

Melinda Roberts, , United Kingdom

Toni Scurlock, , United States

Koeli Mukherjee Ghose, N/A, India
For unconditional recognition of human rights and free expression.

Sepideh, cousin, France

H C Clements, homemaker, USA

Hannah Clements, , USA

Frank Zsigo, Zsigmond Király College, Hungary

Yefim Shlionsky, USC, USA
Iran must free Dr. Kian Tajbakhsh!

Dave Wallace, American Patriot, USA
Iran Stop the Persecution,arrest, torture, and murder of your people,and those that you scapegoat. You stole an election! You broke your promise to your people, now step aside, and allow a legitimate democratically elected government by the people to run this country. Your days are numbered. You have no chance of success when you destroy those that you govern. Soon the military will turn on you, and you will be done!

Dr Keith Perdue, , Ireland
Please release this man so he can return to his wife and daughter.

Tim Gueramy, , USA

Nancy Black, Brooklyn College, USA

Kristina Avery, Friend and fan of Kian, USA
Kian is a quiet, peaceful, intelligent human being who deeply loves Iran, its people and its culture. He should be held UP as an example of a model Iranian citizen, not held captive by the country for which he cares so deeply.

Pardis Minuchehr, University of Pennsylvania, U.S.A

Martin Bernhard, private, Germany

Andy Patton, University of Western Ontario, Canada
I am so dismayed to hear of Dr. Tajbakhsh's arrest and trial. This reminds one of the days of the Shah and SAVAK, not of a democratic nor a truly Islamic Iran. This only brings shame to the Iranian state, and displays a fear of persons and ideas. I beg you to release this man.

Alan D. Avery, A friend of those supporting freedom and human rights in Iran., USA
It's time for the government of Iran to enter the twenty first century. Modern democracies don't put down their constituents - they listen to them.

Tanya Avery, Family of a friend, United States

Joan Brown, , USA
I not only Pray for Kian's release, but for all those in Iran who are fighting for freedom. Never give up!

Muriel Dimen, NYU, United States

Ann Roberts, Global Water Report, UK

Martine Kersten, VNG International, the Netherlands

Martine de Groot, VNG International, The Netherlands

Daniel Avery, U.S. Air Force Veteran, USA

Marieke Verhoeven, VNG International, The Netherlands

Fleur Snijders, VNG International, The Netherlands

Germen van Heuveln, fan, The Netherlands

Suzanne Avery, , American

zeenat ali, Professor, Islamic Culture, Xaviers College , In∂ia

Tricia Avery, , USA

Nancy Adajania, Cultural theorist and curator, Bombay, India

Ranjit Hoskote, Cultural theorist and curator, Bombay, India

Sarnath Banerjee, Graphic artist, New Delhi, India

xxxxxxxx, , United States

joan malin, , USA

xxxxxxxx, Local Government, USA

Ashley High, , USA

Janet Osterman, relative of a friend, USA
Please free Dr.Kian Tajbakhsh

Peter Pullman, writer; unaffiliated, US
I met him once and felt an immediate kinship; he thinks for himself and has the courage to formulate those thoughts into useful plans.

The world needs him and many more like him.

Anne-Emanuelle Birn, University of Toronto, Canada

Rama CONT, Columbia University, USA

Ana Nutu, SNSPA, Romania

Kathy Evenson-McDermott, , USA

michael cronin, friend, USA

Adam A.K, , USA

Nawaz Mody, , India

xxxxxxxx, High School Sophomore, Japan

Anjali Monteiro, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, India

KP Jayasankar, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, India

Lingard Goulding, , Ireland
Kian must be released. He is innocent of any offence.

Shoshana sumray, humanity, England

Sarnath Banerjee, writer, India

Karen Fraley, Concerned Citizen, USA

Stephen Blum, City University of New York, USA
Dr. Tajbakhsh has been working tirelessly for the welfare of Iranians and is not involved in any political movement.

Arvind Krishnaswamy, , India

Ali Akbar Mahdi, Ohio Wesleyan University, USA

sara nodjoumi, none, usa
our hearts are with Kian and his family

xxxxxxxx, McGill University, Canada

Cyrus Bina, Distinguished Research Professor of Economics, University of Minnesota (Morris Campus), USA, USA
Neither Dr. Kian Tajbakhsh (obviously, a respected colleague) nor other several thousand Iranians who were arrested (and many of them reportedly tortured, and some of them killed, by the murderous regime in Iran) just for saying "No" should have been jailed. The regime of the Islamic Republic and its leadership, namely, Ahmadinejad-Khamenei must be made accountable for their crime, first by the court of "world public opinion" and subsequently by the International Criminal Court. And Ahmadinejad's probable participation in the UN General Assembly (September 24) in New York is a great opportunity to arrest him on the spot for these atrocities.
Cyrus Bina, Ph.D.
Distinguished Research Professor of Economics
University of Minnesota (Morris Campus), USA

Ali Ferdowsi, Professor, USA

xxxxxxxx, , United States

Maryrana, , France

Christopher Herrmann, teacher USA, USA

Miriam Künkler, Princeton University, USA
I also write in support of friends and their families in Iran, especially those who have been physically and spiritually harmed by their own state, whose proper role should be to protect its people and guarantee to each citizen a life of peace and dignity. No religion justifies harming another human being, under no circumstance.

sarita ganesh, None, India

Fernando Oliveira, , Portugal

Kaveh Rejaie, Kian\\'s brother, UK
with love and hope.

Azita Rezvan, , USA

Jam, , USA
Free all political prisoners

Kioumars, Visiting Scholar, New York University , USA
Free Kian Tajbakhsh

amir, , iran

Padmini Mirchandani, , India

Kellee Koren, , USA

Caroline Merry, , University of Oxford.UK

xxxxxxxx, , England
An Islamic republic must allow people lawful free speech and dignity

Hannah Collison, n/a, UK

whistler, , Iran

Mel Jackson, , England

Linda McCuish, , UK

Hesam Esmaili, , Iran

ramin etezad, , iran

xxxxxxxx, ialam, iran

xxxxxxxx, , UK

xxxxxxxx, , UK

Frank Walton, , UK

Camilla Umar, , United Kingdom

Shaenon Adamson, Friend, USA

GR, , Canada

J. Deakins, Iranian Solidarity Project, United States

Arman, , Iran
زندانی سیاسی معنایی ندارد . اما انسان چرا

آرش, , Iran
به امید آزادی همه ی عزیزان در بند و روزی که واژه ی منحوس " زندانی سیاسی " از واژگان ما زدوده شود
زنده باد آزادی

shahriar, , ukraine

shahab, , ukraine

Shirin Dalili, , USA
Free all the political prisoners!

Azita S., , Canada

Yek Irani, , Iran
Please help free Mr Kian Tajbakhsh

samira, student, canada

Shannon Mcconnell, supporter of the Green Movement, USA

Mehdi Moheimani, , USA

vahid, architecture, iran
free kian-tajbakhsh

ali, , iran
i hope all prisons taste freedom for all their life. and not to be any kind of jailbird.

xxxxxxxx, Staadent, Iran

mohammad, , Iran
کيان و همه زندانيان سياسي را آزاد کنيد

xxxxxxxx, , Iran

xxxxxx, student, iran

Neda Sohrabi, Revolutionary, Iran
Iranians want freedom of press & Human Rights

Darush Arya, , Sweden

xxxxxxxx, , iran

xxxxxxxx, , uk

nima azin, , Iran
zendanie siasi,azad bayad gardad

xxxxxxxx, , usa

xxxxxxxx, working, iran

reza rezaei, , iran

dariush, , iran
Free iran,free kian,

Melan Salimi, Paris, France
With my deep solidarity for Kian and his Familiy. Old friend of Kian...

xxxxxxxx, , iran

xxxxxxxx, , united arab emirates

Navid Hedayati, , Denmark

nima, , germany

Jessica Fenwick, , United Kingdom

Sepideh, , Iran
Free him

An Iranian, , Iran

xxxxxxxx, , Iran

Yasi, ,

xxxxxxxx, , USA

shirin Irani, ,

xxxxxxxx, Harvard University, United Kingdom

Al G., , Iran

Marjan Shahkarami, , USA

Desi Escobedo, none, USA
Do the right thing, let this man go free.

xxxxxxxx, , Iran

Sara, , USA

Nasim, , Canada

xxxxxxxx, Dentist, UK

mastaneh robobi, friend, canada
release kian, iran needs people like him. we need him.

xxxxxxxx, Independent Consultant, USA
The barbaric detention and abuse of civilians is unfitting of a country who has itself been the subject of oppression through so many years and should know better. This revolution was a an effort towards democracy, equality and free speech and must not be hijacked by the self-interest of a few. release Kian Tajbakhsh and well as all political prisoners to set an example that we are not a barbaric nation.

Rolf Swart, VNG International, The Netherlands

Melissa Betts, , UK

xxxxxxxx, , iran

Alexander Krstevski, , USA

Julian Girdham, , Ireland

Azita Azarpira, , U.S.A
Please help people of Iran. They are dying for wanting basic human rights.

maggie, , usa

Louise Kennedy, Probation Officer, United Kingdom

Azhdar, , USA

Mehrdokht, , Canada

xxxxxxxx, ,
One who has faith in god ought not be afraid of people with different points of view!

Mohammad Asgari, , K

Andrew Ducker, , England

xxxxxxxx, ,

Mohammad R. Moeini, UMass Amherst, USA

rheo brandner, , austria

Slawomir Krolak, translator, Poland

xxxxxxxx, UR, USA

afshin, tehran university, iran

Neda Sarbakhsh, , Canada

xxxxxxxx, Barcelona, Spain
For universal democracy

Bakhtyar, , Iran
Free him

mehrdad, , Iran

xxxxxxxx, , usa

Hessam, research Associate, USA

Anneke Schutter, , The Netherlands

Tina Baloochestany, none, Canada

jan oldridge, Iranian supporter, United Kingdom

arezou, MOM, canada

Mandana Ghalebi, , USA

xxxxxxxx, , Iran

shahla, , usa

Majid Farajian, , Iran
Freedom Now!

farhad, Journalist, iran

Mersedeh MJ, , France

shaghayegh, , usa

John Coolidge, a friend, USA
This world needs more men with ideals similar to Kian!

Michael Benis, , United Kingdom

xxxxxxxx, wise old man, wales
Democracy must not be devalued by "set up`s" like Iran ,Burma, Zimbabwe etc. keep working for real Democracy people.

xxxxxxxx, , usa

Daniel Stevenson, , USA

xxxxxxxx, , iran
free Dr. Tajbakhsh

xxxxxxxx, St. Paul, MN, USA
Be omide piroozie Irania bar Mullaha. I can not wait 2 c the freedom & democracy for Iran

xxxxxxxx, Student, USA

nancy Mestaghi, , Canada

kimia, , uk
free iran

Tandis Alizadeh, , USA

Sera, , USA
Please free Kian and other young pretestor who want just freedom.

Shirin Hunt, teacher, USA
Please free Dr. Tajbakhsh and all other detainees. Allow humans to have freedom of speech. This is a natural rite.

mindy, , USA

Mariam Adams, hairdresser, USA
Stop dictatorship.

cindy adrienne quashie, Artiste, America

vickie votaw, friend, United States
all of the prisoners should be released & apologized humbly to!

Heather Duplex, teacher, USA

sierra hunt, student, USA

manijeh meftah, , USA

Deborah L. Crader, education, USA

kenneth hunt, business owner, usa
a "sorpoost" for for truth and justice by the will of the creator.

xxxxxxxx, , USA

masoud, , iran

Arezoo Talebzadeh, , Canada

xxxxxxxx, , US

margaret byrne, health care professiona;, Canada

Roxana, , USA

Amir Hossein, Friend, Iran

Shiva Allen, , USA

xxxxxxxx, Univ. of California at Berkeley, USA

xxxxxxxx, , Iran

Pirouzgar, , Switzerland

xxxxxxxx, , USA

xxxxxxxx, none,

Farah, Teacher, USA

natalia ansari, none, united kingdom

Victoria, Canada, Canada

xxxxxxxx, , USA

xxxxxxxx, , Iran

Councillor Angus MacDonald, , Scotland

Lynn Wong, , Malaysia
Please have compassion, understanding and mercy by releasing Dr. Tajbkhsh and all other prisoners.

Rita Dyson, , United Kingdom

xxxxxxxx, ,

xxxxxxxx, , sweden

Monique Ruig, archaeologist, French Guiana

Martijn van den Bel, archaeologist, French Guiana

Marjan,, United Kingdom

massie, American, USA

Kelly Mitchell, Hawaii Realtor, United States

Helen Shahriari, An international Organization, USA

L.F. Sierra, friend, USA

xxxxxxxx, , USA

Cath Palasz, , UK
Free Kian -in the name of justice and democracy.

Mehrdad Jafari, Engineer, USA

xxxxxxxx, , Austria

Mitra, , USA
Free Kian Now.

Anelia Atanassova, International Development Consultant, USA

Catherine Palmer, Freedom and Humanity, United Kingdom

xxxxxxxx, Dr. , Switzerland
I believe this should work. let us hope so.

xxxxxxxx, , Iran

Yasaman Barzin, , UK

pooneh navab, , US

Alireza M., , Iran

Andrew Glassman, The Dalton School, USA
If the government wishes to act like a legitimate authority, it should immediately free Kian and others incarcerated under false charges without benefit of trial or even attorney.

saghi ownjazayeri, , usa

Mgreen, , USA
Viva Sting-We never forget who stood beside us in this tough time....:) thank you

xxxxxxxx, , usa

sam, , U.A.E

s.khataizadeh, none, france

Afsaneh, None, U.S.A.
Iran must immediately release Kian Tajbakhsh and all the other prisoners of conscience

Davarant, , France
Toute une famille attend sa libération !!!

xxxxxxxx, nothing, iran
we want freedom & democracy

Daneshian, , Germany

Brad Snook, , US

Bahar Malek, , Iran

Edeltraud Weigel, none, Germany

Thomas Gann, , UK

xxxxxxxx, NAPO trade union, UK

xxxxxxxx, none, UK

xxxxxxxx, none, germany
free all iranian,get lost from our country.

Julia Norton, none, United Kingdom
Kian is a respected academic with no interest in active politics. I support his immediate release

roya saboori, , USA
Free kian!

Raymond Merrill, , USA

xxxxxxxx, , usa

STACEY CAMERON, facebook, usa

bita, , usa

xxxxxxxx, , USA

xxxxxxxx, , USA

sety, , usa

Kamy Mae Hanwisi Shaw, , United States


Rogier Lammers, teacher, The Netherlands

xxxxxxxx, , UK

marie-Christine Roussel, , France

Arash Arfazadeh, , sweden

Ashish, .., India

Alan Chan, , Canada

Pantea Rutherford, , Canada

Homie Pejooh, Countryman, Iran

Jorge Martinez, , U.S.A.
In a world of advance technology we still unable to communicate with one another. Only few are seeking to change this.

Holly Catania, friend & colleague, USA

Crispin Moor, Friend, England

Molly, , USA
Please listen to your citizens they are only asking to be listened to. They are asking that future generations have the rights that the people of Iran deserve.

xxxxxxxx, nil, U S A

Hasret Caliskan, lawyer, uk

Leo van de Kerkhof, , The Netherlands

Bala, , India

xxxxxxxx, Womanifesto, Thailand

Tabish Khair, Aarhus University, Denmark

xxxxxxxx, suporter of freedom, India

matin, , Afghanistan

Nisha Shah, , India

Annie, Writer, India

xxxxxxxx, None, Britain
He is the brother of a well respected colleague.

KEdar, , india

Marian del Moral, , Spain

Ashish Kate, Friend, India
Free him. He has a right to freedom. We all do. He is us and we are him.

xxxxxxxx, , iran

saleem, siena heights U, usa

Mannet Villariba, , Philippines

Richard Siegel, University of Nevada, Reno, USA

Graciela Ovejero Postigo, visual artist, Argentina/USA
PLEASE FREE Dr. Kian Tajbakhsh!

George Szirtes, None, UK

Saya Ovaisy, Tehran Bureau, USA

Samar, Architect, Canada

Calvin Harasemchuk, Poet, Canada

R.E. Traughber, n/a, USA
Let him go! He has too much good to give to this world for you to detain him any longer!

Madan Gopal Singh, , India

xxxxxxxx, none, USA

xxxxxxxx, , USA

manisha bhattacharya, , india

Sunil K Poolani, Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd, India
Be free, frank and fearless

Ehsan K, , Iran
Viva Freedom

Krishna Bulkin, none,

Shama Zaidi, film/television writer, India

mariamfassihi, , United States
we urge you to release kian and all the others you have arrested, before there would be no way back for you.

Motoko Judge, , Japan

Lee Wen, , Singapore

Priya Sarukkai Chabria, , India

Susanne Zoehrer, none, Austria
Article 3, Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

kamal, Social Worker, India

xxxxxxxx, Visual Artist, Germany

Kai Kaljo, Tallinn Universiy, Estonia

Roswitha Kröll, Cultural Worker, Artist, Austria
i also would like to remind you to women, who are prisoned because of so called political reason in Iran. I call for realease too - immediately. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person


xxxxxxxx, , USA

Alexandra Weltz, Filmmaker, Deutschland

D Heddon, Academic, UK

mali wu, artist, Taiwan

kate stannard, RSAMD, Artist and Lecturer, Scotland , UK

Sharaad Kuttan, Journalist, Malaysia

radical egal, , germany

xxxxxxxx, student, UK

xxxxxxxx, , UK

Arahmaiani Feisal, , Indonesia

Margaret Morse, U of California EAP, Germany

xxxxxxxx, , Japan

Phaptawan Suwannakudt, visual artist, Thailand, Australia

xxxxxxxx, , Swiss
to release Dr. Tajbakhsh and ensure his safe return to his family!

Dragana Zarevac, friend, Serbia

Nina Hoechtl, , Austria

Amir Hassan Cheheltan, Novelist, Iran

brigitte neufeldt, media artist, Germany
This is a shameful tragedy

Estelle Cohenny, none, Thailand

xxxxxxxx, , austria
immediately free dr. tajbakhsh!! m. theissl

Perry Bard, , USA

Jit Phokaew, , Thailand

joan LOGUE, Video Portraits, United States

MALINA PALASTHIRA, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Tushar Joag, , India

Marina Zurkow, New York University, USA

David Anderson, , United Kingdom

Kathy Brew, ,

John Erskine, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Srinidhi, , India

MEB, professor, United States

Sara Haq, Artist, UK

xxxxxxxx, Human Right Activist, India

JAYA, , India

Barbara Lattanzi, Alfred University, USA

xxxxxxxx, Student, India

Martha Rosler, Rutgers University, USA

Bryan Hopkins, , England

fariba azari, i am pro freedom of political prisioners, Iran

Mina, , Iran

sheba, artist/photographer, india

Caroline C Chinlund, Fellowship of Reconciliation, United States
Kian Tajbakhsh is a committed citizen of today's Islamic Republic of Iran. Charges against him cannot be accurate.

Tanya Scheib, , USA

Alice Crary, New School for Social Research, USA

Detlef Brezel, artist, Germany

Diane Nerwen, , USA

Viola-Donata Rauch, Center for Metropolitan Studies Berlin, Germany

Randy Mason, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Lennart Sundström, Teacher, Sweden
Human rights are universal

Mary-Jo Hamer, Student, UK

Elfi Sverdrup, , Norway
I call for the immediate release of Dr. Kian Tajbakhsh, who is being detained in Iran.

Adrian Howells, Glasgow University, Scotland, UK
Please release Dr Tajbakhsh and return him to his family

Arturo Arriagada, LSE, London

xxxxxxxx, , iran
Free Kian

Vidya Kamat, University of Mumbai, India

xxxxxxxx, , India

varsha navin, , india

An Iranian, , Iran
Dr Tajbakhsh is in prison because they want to frighten all of us.
They have succeeded. I dare not use my name to sign this petition.

xxxxxxxx, , greece

Yoshiko Shimada, , Japan

G.M. Sheikh, , India

Amy Patton, , Germany

xxxxxxxx, student, India

Shuddhabrata Sengupta, Artist and Writer, India
Release Kian Tajbaksh and all political prisoners in Iran immediately

Esme Madill, , England

Beatriz Garcia, , Mexico

Aruna Chandrasekhar, Writer, India

parag,, india

Katie Scheidt, The New School, USA

Tim Gould, , France

Neil Brenner, New York University, USA

Alan Ruben, , United States

Patrick Cowden, us citizen, USA

Johanna Vondeling, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, USA

Nathan Sayre, University of California-Berkeley, USA

doug sims, knowledge of, usa

Maxwell Vincent, poet/writer/actor, Kenya
No more tear, no more nights in that Jail, is all my heart is singing in sorrow,

xxxxxxxx, , USA

damian scherer, journalist, germany
relsease the man and let him express his ideas.
free iranians living in free iran, inevitable coming
to the next generation. alas, so late!

Alan S. Brenner, M.D., F.A.C.C., None, USA

Christopher Griffin, supporter, united States

Gayeb Bassin, Concerned American, NY

outhier, Just a person who visited Iran and really loved the richness of this country and the profoundness of its inhabitants, france
I'm just a person who visited Iran 8 years ago and really loved the richness of this country and the profoundness, the great sense of hospitality and the high culture and interest of its inhabitants.Iran is the country which impressed me the most over all the countries I ever visited.
I send all my warmest and deepest thoughts for this country.

Shiva Balaghi, Brown University, USA
I have issued a press release through MERIP, spoken to Washington Post, and interviewed live on VOA Persian, calling for Kian's release...

manu rishi, actor, india
human is for human be human feel human think human and create peace and be strong

Michael D. Kennedy, Brown University, USA

xxxxxxxx, , New Zealand

Jill Meixel, , USA

Bruce Avery, , United States
My support goes out to all of the people of Iran working for change.

Ronni C Brenner, , USA

George Ross, , USA

Vidura Jang Bahadur, , India

Alison Levy, , USA

A Narain, , India

Matt Bryan, , U.K/IRELAND
Free Dr Tajbakhsh and let him continue his good work with-in the community.

Aaron Major, University at Albany, United States

Monica Reberg, , Norway
Peace and love to U

Linda Hall, nephew\\'s brother, USA
Our prayers go out to all those being held captive.

Sheryl M. Wright, friend of family, USA

xxxxxxxx, , China

D. H. Kerby, , U.S.A.

Reza ghorashi, professor, Stockton college, USA

Hemant Divate, , India

margaret mascarenhas, , India

Andrew Parker, , United Kingdom

Sunil Gautam, , India

Julia Abad, , Philippines

xxxxxxxx, , United States

xxxxxxxx, English teacher, France

Lisa Killinger, citizen of us, USA

Ginger Stein, student, USA

pio abad, , United Kingdom

Bita, , US

Mary K, , USA

Mika Mansukhani, UNIFEM, Thailand

Suresh Chitturi, , India

Roberto Cavallini, Goldsmiths, University of London, England

Robert Walton, Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, UK


Michelle Sokoli, , USA

xxxxxxxx, Lecturer, UK

Monika Wodarz, , Germany

Linda Wallace, , the netherlands

Hal Orrell, Kings college London, UK

Natalyia Kamenetskaya, , Russia

Craig, , UK
With hope

Haleh B., , U.S.A.

Clemence Billoud, London School of Economics, United Kingdom

Lawrence Candler, , England

Mischan Malek, , Germany

carrie turk, , uk

chachi apolinario, , philippines

Patsy Abad, Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines

Angela Trowell, , New Zealand

ashapurna ghosh, human being and a good citizen of this world, Canada
any reformist who is a moderate must be respected .Release him immediately!!!

Nerissa Clark, Home maker and home educator of my two daughters, United Kingdom

Frank Wassenberg, university of technology, Netherlands

xxxxxxxx, , Japan

Nicole Kötzner, Asociación cultural escuela Waldorf de la Alpujarra, Espana

Anahite Contractor, , India

hilary gill, , spain

jason portier, friend of family, canada

Barbara Williams, , United States of America
The government is wrong and should be ashamed!!

Cathy Avery, student, USA

Nicholas Rice, , US

Giselle Arroyo, , Philippines

Amrit Plaha, , India

Andrea McLeod, , Australia

Rhea Chakravarti, , India

xxxxxxxx, , Switzerland

Donald M. Avery, family friend, USA

Raj more, , india
i support Dr.Tajbaksh.....Freedom for Kian

Aashu Maheshwari, , India
Justice should prevail

xxxxxxxx, , Switzerland

xxxxxxxx, , india
In full support of his release..

ali, affiliation,

Susan Whitley-Clark, , USA

Alex Malek, Relative, USA

John Krinsky, City College of New York,

Aria Fadakar, Student, USA

Henrietta Chang, , USA

xxxxxxxx, , USA

xxxxxxxx, ,

xxxxxxxx, none, India
Free him now!

Rada Ivekovic, Collège international de philosophie, Paris, France

Thomas Fowler, , UK

Norbert, OSCE, The Netherlands
Free Kian! The real Iran needs him.

Kim Geiger, Michigan State University, USA

Diane Hatos, U.S.A., U.S.A.

Kelly Doyle, , USA

Into A. Goudsmit, , Cambodia

Michael Miller, , United States

Gregg Courtad, Democrat, USA
Freedom of speech is a right that should be granted to everyone, whether a government likes what the person says or not.

Raquel Aronhime, , USA

Marcia Newfield, CUNY teacher/union organizer, United States
Detention of this honorable man hurts the reputation of your country.

Kristin Sziarto, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, USA

Bompoint Shaheen, , France

Rick Freek, , USA

jacques jobin, friend, canada

Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin, , Canada

kathy chang, , USA

Cassandra Cavanaugh, , USA

Niki, , Britain

sheena kime, senior probation officer, UK

Helen Taylor, , england

Dmitri Vitaliev, eQuality, Canada
Be strong and have hope

Amanda Delong, , Canada

xxxxxxxx, , USA

Jehangir Jani, artist, India
Shia thought and research hasexpanded Islam to its rich textures today. Such regressive regiments wil make for its doom to essentialism

xxxxxxxx, , Spain

Emmanuelle Pedneaud Jobin, , Canada

John Patterson, New York City, Department of Education , United States

Ana DeMatos, Fine Arts - Phd doctor, Spain

Amal Chatterjee, , Netherlands/UK/India

xxxxxxxx, , USA
Please free all Iranian political prisoneres including Dr. Tajbakhsh!

xxxxxxxx, Concerned about Freedom, USA
Please Free Innocent People

kelly b., , united states
civil rights for all

Michael Perch, , UK

Monika Segbert-Elbert, , Italy

David King, Columbia University, USA

Kathy Powell, National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland

tenzin tsundue, Free Tibet movement, Tibet refugee in India
free Dr Kian

Genevieve Lafrance, Columbia University, U.S.A.

Jerzy Celichowski, Open Society Institute, Hungary

Sanam Ahmadi, ,
Free all politic prisoners!

xxxxxxxx, , UK

Julien Labonne, , France

Claire Labonne, , France

Matt Stephens, , Australia

sally leeson, concerned, england

Julie Thibodeau, , Canada

malobi dasgupta, , india

Patty Gray, NUI Maynooth, Ireland

Dr Bonny Cassidy, Sydney PEN, Australia

Carol R. Anderson, Milano The New School for Management and Urban Policy, USA

Loretta S. Drury, family relative, United States

Russell Tanner, , United Kingdom

xxxxxxxx, , UK

xxxxxxxx, , Czech Republic

Jacques Labonne, , France

Yelena Melikian, City Univeristy of New York & New School for Social Research, USA

Jacqui Cuff, friend of friend, UK

Annette Langley, , USA

waingarten pablo, employed, argentina

xxxxxxxx, , UK

issa, , france

Andrew Taylor, University of Winnipeg, Canada

Genevieve Leveille, Columbia Alumni, USA

Zoya, , Austria

xxxxxxxx, , USA

Sara Schmidt, student, USA

xxxxxxxx, University of Michigan School of Social Work, United States

Tanya Domi, Columbia University, USA

andrew galambos, , usa

Irving Spitzberg, Jr., Lawyer/Environmentalist, United States

Ali Maleki, , USA

Giovanni, , Italy

Aziz Ahmadi, Assistant Manager National Bank of Bahrain, Kingdom of Bahrain
Freedom of speech is a right that should be granted to everyone, whether that or any government likes that person or not.


Gordana, , USA

Vivien, Columbia Alumni, Singapore

Ravi Gadhia, Columbia University Alumnus, USA

Rachel Golub, musician, USA

Anna Maria Kaalund Ramm Biao, -,

Parviz R., , United States
Free all political prisoners in Iran.

eva, friend, usa

karen kelly, Columbia, USA

Kari Morris, Union Theological Seminary (Columbia University) Alum, USA

Reuel Liebert, None, United States
The imprisonment of the world's scholars and peacemakers diminishes freedom everywhere.

xxxxxxxx, , united States

sarah campos, old friend, UK
This man loves his country deeply, and has no extreme, harmful, of aggressive intent.

Alex Cuthbert, Columbia University student, USA

Sophie Wulk, phd student, Germany

Menna Khalil, , USA

Emily Harting, , US

Bill Quigley, Human Rights Lawyer, US

xxxxxxxx, , United States

Paul Mend, High School Psychology Teacher, Canada

akhatam, friend, Canada

upal deb, weriter, India
Free the man who deserves freedom...No one is superior enough to persecute another....I've full solidarity for him

xxxxxxxx, , Spain

Kiki Spirou, , Greece

Zari Tashakor, , Iran
His fault is just "thinking"!sham on everyone who cannot tolerate thought.

Abouali Hicham, , Morocco

Urszula Bielecka, , Canada

aki, his family, IRAN
Iwant free Kian very soon.

jeevindran, socialist party of malaysia, malaysia
free him right now

Ada Placeres de Britto Pereira, , Italy/USA

Lisa Maya Knauer, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, USA

xxxxxxxx, The New School, USA

Yasseman Tourang, Researcher and Documentary Filmmaker, Sweden

tessy martinez, friend, usa

Helen Casillas, , USA

judith beuth, film student, germany

Scott Mainwaring, , USA

Tasneem, , India

emmanuelle paris-cohen, intern committee of the regions in Brussels, Canada

Emily Scaife, New School for Social Research, USA
Kian was one of my favorite professors during my undergraduate years at the New School. I thoroughly enjoyed his class, he was tough, encouraging, kind, inspiring - a true teacher and valuable to all of us.

Brenna Sonke, , USA

Dr. Babak Sina, , GermaNY

Millie Kahn, , USA

xxxxxxxx, Student, Canada

Jeff Senkeleski, none, USA

Dean Rose, Blacksmith, Illinois, USA
Keep hope alive

Marina Gokhtel, New York, NY, USA

Aida, , CANADA

xxxxxxxx, , United States

miriam, , uk

xxxxxxxx, , Vancouver

Esha, Cal State Northridge, United States

xxxxxxxx, UC Irvine, usa

Dr. Debra Schultz, CUNY Graduate Center, United States

Emily Harting, , US

Terri Nilliasca, student,

azi parsai, , sweden

xxxxxxxx, , United States
Free Him NOW!!! The world needs people like him who stand up for the cause of freedom!!!

David Carr, , USA

Rafael Khachaturian, , U.S.

elisabetta rossi, , italy

Derek Cannon, , UK
I taught Kian as a small boy and am shocked to learn of this blatant injustice.

Dirk Jacobs, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium

Andrew Bonfilio, CUNY Graduate Center, The United States

Kate Danyo, , USA

xxxxxxxx, , sweden

Holly Clark, Friend, United States
All Kian wanted to do was to help his country and this is what he got?

Ana-Maria Murg, , Romania

Kate Goff, New School for Social Research, USA

Kenneth Newman, , USA

Cheonghee Yu, , South Korea
Free Dr. Kian Tajbakhsh

Charles Imbimbo, Psychotherapist/Social Worker, USA

Emily Arnold, Student, Eugene Lang the New School, USA

xxxxxxxx, , Canada

Ramadan Ilazi, Speak Up, movement from Kosovo , Republic of Kosovo
Shame for the world to allow this kind of behavior

Ursula Oaks, , USA

Kristin Brown, , United States
This is outrageous. No one should be punished for speaking their mind!

scarlet watts, , usa

Eliot Katz, poet, U.S.

Gerry Vogel, , United States

xxxxxxxx, , USA

chris crews, New School for Social Research, USA

Nathan Heggem, , USA

Mehrdad Michael Massumi, Massumi Associates, USA
I had not heard of Kian Tajbakhsh until recently. The more I read about him the more inclined I am to believe that he has been incarcerated and now sentenced most unjustly. Dr. Tajbakhsh's life-long accomplishments and commitments to scholarly work and socially responsible research are to be praised and his obvious love for his homeland to be cherished by those who wish to see Iran ascendant. As duly noted by the video testimonials of his academic colleagues on the website he is an asset to us all as a learned man of the most decent aspirations.

The Iranian government needs to support and elevate men such as Dr. Tajbakhsh who have dedicated their lives to the betterment of the human society through thorough research and analysis of what ails our cities and urban centers.

Please release Dr. Tajbakhsh unconditionally so that he may contribute freely and unhindered to his field of study. His wife and child miss him much and we all wish him to return immediately to the bosom of his loved ones and to the circle of his esteemed collegues and extended family and friends.

Most respectfully yours,

Mehrdad Michael Massumi, MD

Sherita, , USA

Cary Barbor, , USA

Ashot, Training Unit, Armenia

Karen Courtney, , United States

Leslie Boden, Community Health Planner, United States

Dermot Delude-Dix, Swarthmore College, USA

xxxxxxxx, , USA

Fauzia Yazdani, The Consulting Researchers, Pakistan
Please do not treat a true son of Iranian soil like this

Aazar Ayaz, The Researchers, Pakistan

Ben Gottlieb, , USA
Dr. Tajbakhsh is an essential voice in the international community. Attempting to silence him will only further isolate the current Iranian government and increase opposition.

Kima Parks, , US
The Iranian government needs to offer up irrefutable evidence of Dr Tajbakhsh's wrongdoing or grant him his freedom!

Hugh Engstrom, Ph.D, friend of family, USA

Carina Groves, University of Arizona, USA

Shelley Goldstein, , United States
This is outrageous miscarriage of justice!!!! He was my daughter's professor at New School in NYC. She is extremely heartbroken over this injustice!!! This is an atrocity! He must be freed immediately and the U.S. must do everything possible to demand his release!

Laura Henderson, , USA

William Sloane, , United Kingdom

John Brissenden, Bournemouth University, United Kingdom, United Kingdom

xxxxxxxx, supporter of the doctor, UK

Jean Hannah, Writer, USA

Jakob Skovgaard-Petersen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

xxxxxxxx, , USA
You have an obligation as people of the book to release him; detaining him contravenes every religious and ethical principle you ostensibly respect.

Bryon McDonald, Graduate Student, USA

xxxxxxxx, , USA

Dorsa Amir, None, USA

Elizabeth Delude-Dix, filmmaker, USA

Henry Miranda, , United States

Ari Sarkar, , UK

Sophie Cook, Committee of Concerned Scientists, USA
I am signing as Executive Director of the Committee of Concerned Scientists, an independent human rights organization devoted to the advancement of human rights and scientific freedom for colleagues all over the world.

xxxxxxxx, None, U.S.
I’m totally hopeless that signing this petition would do a nano of good for Kian and alike. If this group of people in Iran were this sensitive to do something for Kian, they would not have done to him all these tortures and hardship. So I’m totally hopeless when group of people lose its basic common sense and continuously keep shooting its own interest and benefits in the head 24 hours a day.

What good does it do to sing this petition? I’m doing it now, but the last 30 years of Iran has shown, despite being smart people, we have excelled in making sure to keep our country and its interest at the lowest and damaging level as we can.

Borri, none, Switzerland
Dr. Kian Tajbakhsh is of much more use for the Islamic Republic of Iran to be respected, when he will be free and teach architecture. I'm an architect. His detainment is a sincere loss and frustration.

Rebecca Roberts, , UK
Shame on you, Iranian regime.

Natalie Horn, , United States

A Takano, , USA

xxxxxxxx, , US

Firouz Naderi, , U.S.

Nancy Stewart, , USA

Elizabeth Klousia, , USA

xxxxxxxx, Columbia University, USA

xxxxxxxx, , USA

estee chandler, , usa

xxxxxxxx, Student, USA

Steven Saum, Santa Clara Magazine, USA

Marie-Laure Neulat, , USA

xxxxxxxx, , USA
Please free Kian. He is a human being and needs to be with his loved ones.

Susan Spencer, Formerly of Amesbury School Hindhead, Surrey UK, England

james walkup, , usa

M E Metheringham, Supporter/Follower of Iranian Peoples Freedom & uman Rights, U K

Yuri Kazepov, University of Urbino and RC21 Vice-President, Italy

Puig, , France
I'm OK and sign the petition

Anya Parampil, N/A, United States

Hilda., , Netherlands
Please Release Kian Tajbakhsh.

Rene van Bronkhorst, fellow human being, U.S.A.

Rolf Stuber, , Switzerland

Rebecca Krishnan, , India

Alison McAndrew, , England

Bala Menon, , USA

Anju Menon, , USA
He is such a nice man with a great family. I do not believe he deserves this...! This is unfair. I pray he get released soon and joins his family.

Ronan Leahy, , iIreland

xxxxxxxx, student, U.S.A

xxxxxxxx, , India

Sean Lyons, citizen, Ireland

John Duthie, , Turkey

Susan & Hubert van Asch van Wyck, , United States

Chris, VNG International, The Netherlands

Pascale George, VNG International, The Netherlands / France

Ajagbe Adewole, , United States

Sanaz, , UK

Alexandra Reitzes, , USA

xxxxxxxx, ILA Local 1233, USA

joelle coudriou, , france

Cynthia Tobar, , US

xxxxxxxx, governance, Netherlands

pieter wiekeraad, VNG International, The Netherlands

Jennifer Robinson, Department of Geography, UCL, UK

loans canada, , Canada is very informative. The article is very professionally written. I enjoy reading every day.

Susan Smith, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

xxxxxxxx, , Ireland

nico schoof, trainer VNG and former mayor, The Netherlands
15 years! And for what? For improving democracy and citizen's rights.

xxxxxxxx, student, Iran

Roya Irani, , USA

W K. Martin III, , U.S.

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Nicole Boot, VNG International, The Netherlands

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Gino Buragevic, , The Netherlands

Helen Schuurmans, Assistant VNG, The Netherlands
Iran a legitimate authority??? Free Kian!

Suzanne van Noorloos, , Netherlands

Prof. Dr. P. Awasthi, , The Netherlands
we have to stop this barbarian act of Iran.

Michèle Looyé, VNG, the Netherlands

Dave M. de Koning, Senior Process Engineer, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

PJ Visser, local government official , Netherlands

Joost van der Wegen, , Netherlands

Renske Steenbergen, United Cities and Local Governments, Spain

Natalène Poisson, , France

Anne-Marie Tosserams, VNG International, Netherlands

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Rogier Stout, VNG (CvA), The Netherlands

Danny Cusack, Amnesty International, Ireland
We are working here in Ireland for his release

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Gerdien Steenbergen, Amnesty International, the Netherlands

neda, , Iran
Will turn every day green till victory, then even greener after - FREE IRAN

Rob de Boer, VNG, Netherlands

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Tineke Pronk, VNG, Nederland

Ruud van Bennekom, Nederlands Genootschap van Burgemeesters, Netherlands

Wolter Manders, VNG, Netherlands

Freya Mostert, collega, The Netherlands

Erik Vrind, advisor local government, the Netherlands

Iris Kester, ,

xxxxxxxx, VNG, The Netherlands

J. Everett, history & design of architectural & interior spaces, United States of America
I want to see Dr. Tajbakhsh reunited with his family and able to freely resume his scholarly and educational pursuits.

S.Roepchand, Nederlandse, Nederland

Bas Kerkhof, VNG, Netherlands

Koos Hut, VNG, The Netherlands

Meindert Bouma, wethouder gem. Leek, The Netherlands

L.Capiau, Gemeente Hellevoetsluis, Netherlands

Kees Barnhoorn, consultant, Netherlands

Jan Willem Nibbering, , The Netherlands

Erik-Jan Hertogs, VNG International, Netherlands

Stacy McGoldrick, Cal Poly Pomona, US

David Nyssen, Friend, USA

Cecile Meijs, , The Netherlands

James Threadgill, n/a, USA

Jennie Dixon, , USA

Stephen Hopkins, , USA
You bring shame upon your country with your cries for attention using injustice to get your way.

Roxana, , US
Please free Kian and let him return to his wife and child.

Ohiane Ezeiza, , Basque Country

ANNE SOTELO, , United States
Please release Dr Tajbakhsh, and the other detainees.

xxxxxxxx, , USA

Melissa Hillie, Columbia University, USA

xxxxxxxx, , USA

Ulrike Beudgen, , Germany


Michael Trapp, , USA

Hanna Pak, VNG, Netherlands

xxxxxxxx, , USA

Warren W. Wright, Amnesty International, USA
Freedom of Eduction

xxxxxxxx, , italy

Sandro D\'Agostino, , Italy
peace and love

Bill, ,

xxxxxxxx, , Netherlands

xxxxxxxx, , Netherlands

Wouter Jong, consultant, Netherlands

Tamara Dekker, , the Netherlands

xxxxxxxx, Monash University, Australia
Please see that the right thing is done.

Lineke POst, student, The Netherlands

Michal Pečeňa, , Czech Republic

Kerry OConnor, Global business executive, USA

nasrin, , canada
free Kian Tajbakhsh

Waswo X. Waswo, , india

Rebecca Sherwood, none, USA
We have to have peace and understanding, it is vital for our future.

Dr. Andrea Orzoff, New Mexico State University, United States

xxxxxxxx, VNG, Netherlands

Amy O\'Rourke, , United States

marjolein makowecki-fuentes, freedom, canada

Ali Talati, , Syria

Erik Osterberg, , United States

Marvin Pettey, , USA

Hidde Boonstra, Kwaliteitsinstituut Nederlandse Gemeenten (KING), The Netherlands
One can imprison a man, but one cannot imprison a man's ideas. One can kill a man, but one cannot kill a man's ideals.
Set dr Tajbakhsh free!

brian king, , United States

Michael Fields, Citizen/writer, US

xxxxxxxx, No nation or religion have the right to execute any person, intellectual or otherwise to curb speech and thought., India.
By resorting to executions Iranian government revels its gory face.

Monica, , italy

Donna Hornick, , USA

Paul du Bois, ass. of Dutch Municipalities, Netherlands

Denise Marcotte, , usa

Michael Robbins, , USA
Please release Dr. Tajbakhsh immediately.

Winifred Neisser, , USA

Carol Fegan, , USA & Australia

brenda Ware, , united States

Erik Rutins, , United States of America

geeskelien wolters, , The Netherlands

rkdas, human being, india
make the righteous happy

xxxxxxxx, Univ of Toledo College of Medicine, USA

Phyllis Akif, , US

laura ide, , usa

Carolyn Breedlove, human, USA

Stephen Warcup, None, U.S.A.
Please free Dr. Tajbakhsh and the other three Americas held for no reason, Take me for the four

David Warren, , United States

xxxxxxxx, SRI International , USA
Please: free Kian.

Sudipto Mukerjee, , India

Mel, , France

Mary Ann kalian, , USA
I hope that Dr. Tajbakhsh is freed soon. The world needs to pay close attention to what is happening in Iran.

Leonard Nakamura, , USA

Margaret Thomas, , U.S.A.

Michael Bommerson, Malta-Graphics b.v., Netherlands
Please don't waste talent by putting restrictions on the works of this beloved man!

xxxxxxxx, , United States

Christina Hiemstra, VNG International, The Netherlands

xxxxxxxx, , The Netherlands

Sameen Gauhar, The New Yorker, USA

xxxxxxxx, Friend, Usa

Lee Conway, , usa
I as an American citizen do not seek to interfere in Iran's internal politics. I merely believe in Dr. Tajbakhsh's innocence and accordingly ask you for his release.

Ms. Tabibzadeh, , USA

Lyle Long, , USA

Hennie Stevens, VNG,

Jelly, government emploiee, Netherland

H. Twilt, Vereniging van Nederlandse Gemeenten Den haag, The Netherlands
Free Kian

Caroline van den Brekel, VNG, The Netherlands

Roelant Schenk, VNG, The Netherlands

Johanna Bergsma, VNG, Holland

Rob de Korte, VNG/Center of Local Finance, The Netherlands
Free Dr. Tajbakhsh

Richtsje Anema, , Netherlands

xxxxxxxx, , South Africa

xxxxxxxx, SME Development for local Innovation , South African
We’ve seen increase globally for Government to change framework condition to improve the condition of leaving for their citizen. Such changes will create insecurity and provoke political deputes. We have a responsibility that no individual can be held accountable when the is a resistance to change.

J. Wiebenga, , Holland

Cristina Jung, , USA

iris, , nederland

Bruce Landon, , USA

Sean Farren, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland
Dr Kian Tajbakhsh has been unjustly imprisoned; his detention brings shame to a country with such a wonderful culture and such a long history; a state that values human dignity, human values and human rights would not imprison someone like Kian against whom there is no evidence of any wrongdoing.

Bart Wijffels, Association of dutch municipalities, Netherlands

xxxxxxxx, VNG, The Netherlands

Rogier Kokhuis, Congres- en Studiecentrum VNG, The Netherlands

Pertunia Mothiba, Centre for municipal Research and advice, South Africa

xxxxxxxx, Columbia GSAPP, USA
His detention is a mistake. Free him!

Barbara Gasparac, , USA

xxxxxxxx, , USA

Jane Dennis, University of Bristol, United Kingdom
I write in support of Dr Tajbakhsh, a well-respected scholar, and I commend his diligent friends for seeking his deserved release. Letting Dr Tajbakhsh would enhance the cause of peace between Iran and other nations.

xxxxxxxx, none, USA
Lotfan, be shoma khahesh mikonam, bezarid bar begardeh be khanehvadesh. Iran must come into the twenty-first century!

Michael Eichhorn, Association of Netherlands Municipalities, The Netherlands

Adriaan de Koeijer, Senior expert VNG - International , The Netherlands

Luc Rengers, PvdA councillor, Netherlands
free dr. Kian Tajbakhsh

xxxxxxxx, , United Kingdom

xxxxxxxx, facebook, USA

Fred, social consulent, netherlands

xxxxxxxx, , Netherlands

xxxxxxxx, consultant, Austria

Marsha Nicholson, , US

Akbar Noman, Columbia University, USA

Kim de vries, Researcher, Netherlands

Ellie Epp, Goddard College, USA

Lansink, alderman, Netherlands

Erin WIlson, Goddard College, UAE

Maria Lauran, , The Netherlands
PLease release Mr. Kian

Sidi Achraf Hammouch, , UAE

Sara Miller, Columbia University, US

Peter Abrahamsen, , United States

albert scheffer, advisor VNG international, Netherlands
its so obvious Mr.Kian Tajbakhsh derserves an honest and fair trial

sara hoeflich, urban planner, germany spain
how can the future be visioned if its voices are silenced? Dr Kian needs to be released

Nilufer Demir, , Turkey

xxxxxxxx, teacher, Canada
I feel strongly for the release of this Iranian scholar. The government of Iran takes pleasure in hurting/harming such brilliant minds as Kian. Thank you, Mr.Mark Wigley for your very convincing (i luv the way u speak with your hands) and compassionate video message to plea for his release!

Roja Jahanbakhsh, student, Canada

Shahla Willis, , United kingdom
Free Kian Tajbaksh

Erin McCarthy, , Unites States of America
Free Speech

Margaret Walker, , Canada

Anne Eksten, , Denmark

Erin Dolinger, , USA

Michael Surabian, , USA

Mahsa Ariya, , Australia

Justin Roberts, , Spain

xxxxxxxx, , USA
Please do whatever can be done to get him out of jail and back to the US.

Bridget O\'Brian, editor & adjunct professor, USA

Sana Das, , India

BeдьмoчкA, , Россия
Да уж, автор сайта на самом деле добрый и отзывчивый человек. Спасибо 🙂

Katayoon, , United States

Thomas Lim, , USA

****, , United States

Nancy Goodman, , USA

Shubranshu Mishra, student, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India

MAЙЯ, , Россия
Вообще, откровенно говоря, комментарии тут гораздо интереснейсамих постов. (Не в обиду автору, конечно :))

Janet Robinson, , USA

Zoe Axon, , USA

camillo boschetti, , uk

Dariush Fahimi, Tehran, Iran
All political prisoners must be released very soon. The sign of a change was very clear yesterday. I believe in iranian bravery.
D. F.

Steven Bacher, , USA

xxxxxxxx, none, India
Free all freethinking intellectuals of Iran.

Brandon Smith, , United States
Dr. Tajbakhsh is exactly the opposite of whom the Iranian government should be seeking to discredit and marginalize right now.

Azadeh, Engineer, Iran

Rev. Edward Carpenter, , USA

xxxxxxxx, ,

Delroy Blokland, Government Manager, Netherlands
visiting student New School for Social Research (1995-1996)

Katherine Williams, New York Institute of Technology, Manhattan Campus, USA

Sara Davison, , U.S.A.

Heather Valentine, student, USA
Free Kian

xxxxxxxx, Columbia University, USA

Sarita Premley, , UK

Alexandra Scott, student, USA

Nancy Sedmak-Weiss, Global Urban Development, USA
Kian is one of our esteemed colleagues, and a dedicated professional working to make urban life better. His arrest and detention in Iran is a human rights scandal.

Cristina Chirita, , Germany/ Romania

Petra Kuppinger, Monmouth College, USA

Dennis Crow, Independent Scholar, USA
He seeks cultural and academic exchange between the people of Iran and the international community. His committment and insight are very necessary for the better mutual understanding with the people of Iran. He combines this with technical expertise of common value.

Jess Liu, , USA

Corrine Stoewsand, Fundacion Foro, Argentina
The injustice and suffering that Kian faces is felt around the world.

tahmineh Gueramy, , United States
he is innocent

Tina Miller, , USA

Marko Balazevic, Student / PEN Intern, Croatia

Nahid, , Iran

xxxxxxxx, , usa

Cary Barbor Zahaby, , USA

Leila Khosravi, , England

We are living witnesses to the fact that one regime comes and goes. Allah sets up one kingdom and relieves the other. Let us preserve lives that we cannot create and spare people with the knowledge that one day we will be out of govern ment. May Allah help the government of Iran to free Him truly and free Kian.

Alan McDonagh, , Ireland

Eva Shannon, Nurse/Human Rights Activist, United States

Marieluise Jonas, RMIT University, School of Architecture and Design, Australia
The promise of the city, a promise that offers us the chance to “glimpse our own hybridity, our own contingency.” (Tajbakhsh 2001:183)

xxxxxxxx, , Netherlands
I will keep praying for your release and that you will be reunited with your wife and daughter soon!

Katerina Economakou, journalist, Greece

xxxxxxxx, aquaintance of Kian, USA
I met him through a mutual friend back in the 90s and a very witty and intelligent man...he belong with his family.

Emeric Laszlo, internet fan, United States
The power of any govern is for justice and freedom.

Shahin Khourdepaz, , USA

Amy weiss, , USA

Jerome McCollom, , Canada

Scott Modlin, , USA

Sumit Mandal, Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin, Germany / Malaysia
I met Kian at Columbia hope that he and others detained by the Iranian state will be released as soon as possible.

xxxxxxxx, , Ireland

Rajyashree, Journalist, India

xxxxxxxx, ,

Nuno Sarandes, , Portugal

dollat, amnesty international, france

Abi Wright, Columbia University, USA

Sonja-Jo, ,

Kian Stave, private citizen, USA

R. Zierikzee, , USA

Paola Pisi, , italy

Leslie Barcus, Microfinance Management Institute, USA

Ali B, student, USA
political prisoners must be freed - "only governments that are scared of their people silence them"

angela grace, Engaged to Iranian , UNITED STATES

Michael F. Bonham, , USA
Please release all the Americans of conscience in prisons in Iran, and give us info on Robert Levinson, a retired FBI agent who was investigation cigarette smuggling in the Kish Island, Iran region. Please release Dr. Kian Tajbakhsh. Please release the American hikers. Please turn over to the U.S. government Dawud Salahuddin, an American who is now a top Tehran tv journalist, and who is charged in the U.S. of killing Ali Tabatabai on July 22, 1980, who was an aide to the late Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

xxxxxxxx, , Canada
Free this man - the world is watching with horror and sadness.

Tommy, CUNY, USA

xxxxxxxx, , U.K

Toni Oliviero, Pratt Institute, USA
Kian was a wonderful colleague to me and great professor for students when he was at the New School. We need him to be free to do his work.

Mitra Azadniv, University of Rochester, USA

Ashiyan Rahmani-Shirazi, Oxford University, UK

Jack Bizot, Columbia Univ. alumnus, United States

Sonia Pabley, , USA

Muthamizh, , india
Grisly Photos Reveal Genocide by Sri Lankan Government Against Tamil People -

Srilanka: If this isn't GENOCIDE, WAR CRIME, Then What on Earth is?

Nina Menon, concerned individual, USA
"His detention is a mistake" a gross mistake.

Greg Cameron, intellectual, Canada

xxxxxxxx, , iran

Douglas D. Perkins, Vanderbilt University, USA
I have met Dr. Tajbakhsh and know him to be a legitimate, serious, and sincere scholar. I hope he attains his complete freedom as soon as possible.

alexd382, tuewtitt, USA
Very nice site!

sahel, , Iran
Free Kian

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For wireless headphones, we've got Altec Lansing BackBeat 903 and Altec Lansing BackBeat 906. Both are wireless stereo headphones that connect wirelessly to portable media devices through Wireless bluetooth. The BackBeat 906 is sold using a Wireless bluetooth adapter helpful for people who own media devices that do not have Wireless bluetooth capability. Both headphones easily connect for your Wireless bluetooth media device as opposed to other dr dre studio blue bluetooth headphones that have compatibility concerns. These headphones are light-weight and flexible, simultaneously long lasting because they are created from top good quality supplies. The sound is wonderful and crispy plus the bass is very great even in low volume settings.

Most likely a concern regarding these earphones is rates are in among average to high along with the design is not well received by other users. The one-size-fits-all, ear-hugging design together with the thick cable behind the neck produced some users feel uncomfortable.

Overall, these Altec Lansing BackBeat headsets are advised to folks who would like to knowledge high quality sound at an average value.
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Many businesses undergoing PCI DSS compliance will invariably state or assert they've a network diagram in position. Though largely true, you will discover many holes, weaknesses, and deficiencies which will eventually have to be corrected if you wish to achieve compliance for PCI DSS Requirement 1. 1. 2. For just one, most organization's network diagrams are outdated, missing any date and version stamp, and just lack the required detail in assisting an experienced Security Assessor (QSA) when conducting his / her PCI DSS assessment. More over, you'll an average of find diagram and topology documents that show a maximum of a couple of layers of the network, mostly an intermittent firewall, router or switch, with a small or marginal mention of the a supposed DMZ area.

What's vital that you comprehend is that the greater detail the network diagram and topology documents have, the more a QSA can better comprehend the real scope of the cardholder environment, the machine components in position, and numerous other necessary attributes.

Hence, with that in mind, when developing network diagram and topology documents, here is a helpful listing of items that needs to be included. Remember, the additional information you provide your business, your PCI Qualified Security Assessors (QSA) and every other entity active in the cardholder data scope, the higher the probabilities are of getting a far more efficient and transparent PCI DSS assessment process.

All IP ADDRESS Addresses being used Fire walls Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) Routers and Switches Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)/Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) Any enterprise wide applications (CRM systems, and so on. ) Remote Access Indicate point secure data transmission techniques employed for data traveling within the network Wireless Networking or Networks Web Servers Proxy Servers Email Servers DNS Servers Os's Databases and the kind of encryption used Applications Anti-virus Anti -Spam messaging gateways.

Resource:PCI DSS Requirement 112 - What You Need to Know For Payment Card Industry - PCI - Compliance

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  • Arresting such people as Kian is a great shame for the country, which many of us like very much

  • Freedom for Kian. It is an human right to say the own oppinion.

  • ely

    please add the counter so we know how many signatures have been added.

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  • Pingback: Friends, Family of Kian Tajbakhsh concerned about upcoming ’show trial’ |

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  • I am in favour of unconditional release

  • I am in favour of release of Mr.Kian Tajbakhsh as he is useful for Iranian society & he hasright to be free.

  • Mohsen asadi

    freedom for potical prisoner

  • plesse release Mr.Kian Tajbakhsh.

  • vida

    mr kian just want his right. nothing more.

  • Farnoosh Hashemian

    Free all political prisoners.

  • free kian and all iranian.get lost from our country.

  • Slam did not put stop on freedom of once political view but dictatorship did. FREE Kian and the rest of the political prisoners.

  • fariba azari

    Free Kian Tabjbakhsh and many other political prisioners like him. Hurry up and free all of them fast before you get to the point that nothing be left for you to play on. With this prisioners you are making goverments life shorter and shorter and with lot of hate from people that might not keep them peacefull and calm longer. Move fast before thier hate become your misery and get to the points that you government people start looking for wholes to hide like Sadam did with all his power and dictatorship.

  • Ingrid Olivo

    Free Kian and the rest of the political prisoners!

  • azadikhah

    release mr kian and all political prisoners
    down with dictator!

  • Andreas Nübel

    Free Kian and the other of the political prisoners!

  • Francine Steininger

    Please release Mr. Kian – he is being held on false charges and does not deserve this kind of treatment. It doesn’t do Iran any good to hold people like this in prison.


    free Kian.

  • Please release this good man

  • L.Capiau

    He is innocent, please release him

  • iran irani

    free kian free all political prisoner

  • Melissa Hillie

    Free Kian!

  • Julia Evert

    Iran’s increasing political oppression are isolating it from the World. You cannot survive as an island estranged from the rest of humanity.

    I look forward to seeing Dr. Tajbakhsh returned safely to his family. Please redeem yourselves in the eyes of the World.

    [ Petition Organizers:

    I may have attempted to sign the petition from this e-mail address already, but when trying to confirm the e-dress, I got a message that the confirmation number was invalid. Therefore, it seems to me that the attempt was aborted. Hence, my re-attempt a week or more later.]

  • Sana Das

    Please Release Kian! Freedom of Expression is his human right. I hope for his safe return.

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  • Anahita & Matt Stokes

    Dear Bahar, Kian, & Hasti,

    We would like to wish you and your family a Happy Norooz from Canada! We hope you have a wonderful holiday together! We hope to see you one day, we miss you, and you are always in our thoughts 😉

    Lots of Love,
    Anahita & Matt

  • Kaveh

    to Kian, Bahar, and Hasti
    to my dear brother, very happy and excited that you are free and back with the family at this special time of renewal. looking forward to a time we are all together and enjoying a nice day out in the country together! I’ll make the sandwiches!
    lots of love from, Kaveh, Carol, Layla, Darius and Sara

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