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By , July 12, 2009 8:10 pm

Please take a moment to sign the petition calling for Kian’s release.


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32 Responses to “Sign Petition!”

  1. Arresting such people as Kian is a great shame for the country, which many of us like very much

  2. Stahel says:

    Freedom for Kian. It is an human right to say the own oppinion.

  3. ely says:

    please add the counter so we know how many signatures have been added.

  4. [...] Please post and direct members to where they can sign the online petition.  [...]

  5. [...] Please post and direct members to where they can sign the online petition.  [...]

  6. [...] visit and sign the online petition: Here is a message from his family and [...]

  7. I am in favour of unconditional release

  8. I am in favour of release of Mr.Kian Tajbakhsh as he is useful for Iranian society & he hasright to be free.

  9. Mohsen asadi says:

    freedom for potical prisoner

  10. plesse release Mr.Kian Tajbakhsh.

  11. vida says:

    mr kian just want his right. nothing more.

  12. Farnoosh Hashemian says:

    Free all political prisoners.

  13. golabi says:

    free kian and all iranian.get lost from our country.

  14. monterey says:

    Slam did not put stop on freedom of once political view but dictatorship did. FREE Kian and the rest of the political prisoners.

  15. fariba azari says:

    Free Kian Tabjbakhsh and many other political prisioners like him. Hurry up and free all of them fast before you get to the point that nothing be left for you to play on. With this prisioners you are making goverments life shorter and shorter and with lot of hate from people that might not keep them peacefull and calm longer. Move fast before thier hate become your misery and get to the points that you government people start looking for wholes to hide like Sadam did with all his power and dictatorship.

  16. Ingrid Olivo says:

    Free Kian and the rest of the political prisoners!

  17. azadikhah says:

    release mr kian and all political prisoners
    down with dictator!

  18. Andreas Nübel says:

    Free Kian and the other of the political prisoners!

  19. Francine Steininger says:

    Please release Mr. Kian – he is being held on false charges and does not deserve this kind of treatment. It doesn’t do Iran any good to hold people like this in prison.

  20. MARYAM NY says:

    free Kian.

  21. Please release this good man

  22. L.Capiau says:

    He is innocent, please release him

  23. iran irani says:

    free kian free all political prisoner

  24. Melissa Hillie says:

    Free Kian!

  25. Julia Evert says:

    Iran’s increasing political oppression are isolating it from the World. You cannot survive as an island estranged from the rest of humanity.

    I look forward to seeing Dr. Tajbakhsh returned safely to his family. Please redeem yourselves in the eyes of the World.

    [ Petition Organizers:

    I may have attempted to sign the petition from this e-mail address already, but when trying to confirm the e-dress, I got a message that the confirmation number was invalid. Therefore, it seems to me that the attempt was aborted. Hence, my re-attempt a week or more later.]

  26. Sana Das says:

    Please Release Kian! Freedom of Expression is his human right. I hope for his safe return.

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  28. Anahita & Matt Stokes says:

    Dear Bahar, Kian, & Hasti,

    We would like to wish you and your family a Happy Norooz from Canada! We hope you have a wonderful holiday together! We hope to see you one day, we miss you, and you are always in our thoughts ;-)

    Lots of Love,
    Anahita & Matt

  29. Kaveh says:

    to Kian, Bahar, and Hasti
    to my dear brother, very happy and excited that you are free and back with the family at this special time of renewal. looking forward to a time we are all together and enjoying a nice day out in the country together! I’ll make the sandwiches!
    lots of love from, Kaveh, Carol, Layla, Darius and Sara

  30. Jamshid says:

    free Kian his family needs him and he is a hero in our eyes,
    death to iran barbar regime
    his doughter needs him , he is innocent ,

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